Gran Torino

ford-pintoRemember what they said about the Ford Pinto?  If you slammed it in the ass it would explode. Well, there you have the theme for Gran Torino, which should have been called Ford Pinto. Clint Eastwood, bitter Korean War veteran lives next door to a boatload of Korean immigrants who he assumes are all about punking the grizzly misanthrope in his wrinkled ass.  What else can he think? He went off to Korea to exterminate the whole tribe, came home when he ran out of bullets, and damn if they didn’t follow him home! And just to add fuel to the flames, the Korean grandma spits lugies whenever she sees him and her troubled teen grandson (aren’t they all?) tries to steal Clint’s Ford. But wait… is there a smart ass female in the mix, too? You have to ask?

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