Unemployed Layabout Finds Work

manny-ramirezApparently an individual named “Manny” Ramirez has been hired by a Los Angeles consortium called “Dodgers”, following his ouster from a franchise known as “Red Sox.” Reportedly Mr. Ramirez was unable to find work after being sacked by employer “Red Sox.”
For the next two years the 36 year old chap is tasked with swatting a horse hide orb with a wooden club or alternatively, catching it out of the air when someone else swats it. Sources note that when this “Dodgers” congregation is “on the road” and takes Mr. Ramirez in tow, it will grudgingly pay for his food and lodging at upscale inns so that his meager salary is not negatively impacted.

It is reported that the newly hired Ramirez has been relegated to toil in an obscure location called “outfield” while engaged in his enigmatic vocation. Should the newly employed Ramirez become vexed with his orb swatting activities after one year, he is at liberty to reject further indignities and embrace other opportunities in his field of endeavor. It is unclear whether he would be eligible for unemployment renumeration upon departure from “Dodgers”.

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